Ramchandra Poudel

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My stay was much more than I expected. I met with the perfect host. Very knowledgeable about the Place and Lwang Ghalel’s past, present and its future. He also took the time to answer all my questions and gave good advice on things to do and see in Colely. My host were very friendly and helpful.. Their house is very clean and comfortable and my room had a beautiful view of the mountain. Was also filled with sunlight when I choose to open the window. They definitely know to how make his guest feel welcome and happy. I am very glad I choose him over anyone else. Definitely excellent value for money. It was also spacious and comfortable with large windows overlooking the mountains and the city. Everything was a short walk from the room. Lots of shopping, tourist attractions and dining. Location was perfect. I wanted to try something new. I find staying in a hotel too isolated and lonely and I really wanted to get a chance to learn the culture and hospitality of the people of Lwang Ghalel. I must say, I was really happy with my stay.